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Perform Magnetic Collection in your lab

Coming soon ...

To enable Magnetic Collection in your lab
we provide you the MagCollector
and its accompanying tools
1. The MagCollector

Start your usual ultramicrotome and let
hundreds to thousands of ultrathin sections
float at the surface of our large MagKnife.


Place your MagCollector above the sections
to quickly agglomerate and collect all of them
onto your immersed substrate.

2. The MagKnife

Use our large diamond knife boats​:

  • insert wafers of up to 150 mm diameter

  • integrated heating for perfect section deposition

3. The MagMounter

To easily mount magnetic resin onto any of your samples.

4. The MagResin

We provide our Magnetic Resin that contains:

  • superparamagnetic nanoparticles

  • fluorescent microparticles

  • a fluorescent dye (DAPI channel)

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